Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation Project

In this piece of artwork, I used my own unique ideas by adding salt to the acrylic paint to add texture. I also decided to make it look like the gummy worms were falling out of the bag onto the table. I used bright colors and tried to make the gummy worms look as realistic as possible. Some of the sources I used were similar to my piece of artwork, but I added the salt to make it my own. My table mates Sydney and Andrew helped me make this artwork better and told me where I needed to add highlights. Mrs. Rossi also helped me improve my art work and told me that the texture made the gummy worms look realistic. I often stepped back and looked at my painting and made sure it looked realistic and that the gummy worm colors were bright and shiny. I also added a shinier paint in the acrylic paint so that the gummy worms would look like they had a sheen to them. I didn't really consider the outcome of adding the salt onto the acrylic paint and so I often had to look back at my painting and make sure that it looked good. Overall, this painting turned out better than I expected it to be and I enjoyed doing it. 

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