Thursday, March 27, 2014

Up Close and Personal

I used my unique ideas by using different sources and incorporating most of them in one picture. I changed the colors and sizes of the leaves. I didn't add much of a background because I wanted the main focus to be the flower. Instead of drawing the flower at a angle where you look at it straight on I decided to draw it from a side angle.

I didn't work on this project alone. I often asked for feedback from my table members and Mrs. Rossi. When I wasn't sure of what I would change I asked my table members for advice and what the would do. I used there feedback to improve my project and make it more appealing to the eye. My friend Sydney helped me pick where I should put the highlights in the flower along the leaves. She also taught me how to blend the color pencils more easily. 

I often looked back and observed my work during this project. I had to make sure that my values were correct and that the colors looked well blended. I realized that I had not distinguished the petals from eachother and that when you walked away from the picture the petals blended together. Looking back at my project helped me improve my drawing and also helped me improve as a artist. 

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