Friday, June 6, 2014

Mixed Media

I really enjoyed this mixed media project. I started out by trying to pick different Ideas from the fear/fantasy topic. I really liked the idea of Medusa so, that's what I decided to stick with. During this project I got the unique idea that I could use the photo transfer and layer it so it looked translucent. I decided that garden statues of people would fit the most with the topic Medusa because she turms people to stone. Then I decided to make a photo transfer of Medusa so that you could see her face on top of the statues. I combined all of these ideas to create my own original piece. I used the new technique of photo transferring with clear tape and water and I thought it worked quite well. It was hard to do at first but I got the hang of it after a while. I got better at collaging tissue paper and pictures together which is something that I thought I needed to work on. I took a step back several times throught this projects process because I wanted to make sure that when someone looked at this piece they would understand the story behind it. I tested the layering of photo transferring before I started the project so I was sure it would turn out how I wanted. Overall, I love this piece and thought I improved a lot when it came to skill and creativity. 

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