Art 2 Final

1. I believe that my most successful piece of artwork was the Sticky Situation project. I think this was my most successful because I was very creative and I used unique ideas. Sour gummy worms were the "sticky situation" that I 
decided to choose because I love gummy worms and I thought they would 
be fun to paint. First, I started with a blank canvas and decided to make the 
background color orange and then I painted over it in brown because that 
was the color of the table that the gummy worms had spilled out onto. Part
 of the assigned project was to create repetition and I felt that if there were 
many gummy worms it would represent repetition. The medium I used in this 
project was acrylic paint, which is one of my favorite mediums to work with. After 
I chose what colors I wanted to paint the gummy worms I decided that it would be 
creative and fun to add salt to the paint so that the gummy worms would look more
 realistic. I didn't like the way the salt looked at first but, it started to grow on me as
 I got closer and closer to being done. Overall, I was really happy with the way this
 project turned out and I felt that it stuck true to the theme and had value and 
repetition as well

2. My least successful piece of artwork was the scientific project. I felt like I didn't think that much 
outside of the box when I was trying to come up with ideas for this piece. I had several ideas but,
 the only one that really clicked with me and felt comfortable was all of the different phones. I
 wish that I pushed myself to choose something that I wasn't as comfortable with and see how
 it would have turned out. I hope that in the future I am not as cautious with my choices as I was
 this semester. Another thing I didn't like about this project was that I chose to draw in pencil. I 
feel that pencil is a very hard medium to work with and I struggled trying to create value and 
make the pictures look realistic. The shading in some of this piece is not good and you can tell
 that I struggled trying to make it look better. I hope that next time I do a piece like this I think it
 more thoroughly and try to be more creative. 

 3. In my Up Close and Person piece of work, I chose a flower. I chose to use colored pencil as my medium and also chose a gray paper for my background. I think that I grew as an artist while using colored pencils because I shaded well and my technique was neat and good. The chose were blues and purples because I thought they would blend well together. Overall, I felt that I grew as an artist while sticking to the them of up close and personal. In my Mixed Media project, I chose the idea of making it Greek themed and focused on Medusa. First, I started by using a purple water color as my background and then I put light purple tissue paper and painted over it with water. I thought of the idea of putting garden statues behind Medusa's face since she turns people to stone when they look at her. Once I put Medusa on I thought it would be cool to dress her up so that you would get the idea she was a normal person but when you look at her eyes they are piercing red and they will turn you to stone. I thought that my artistic creativity really came through in this project. My project turned out good and I thought that it was one of the most thought out projects I had done all year. My ability as an artist has grown a lot over this semester and I think that it will grow even more in the future. 

4. These two mini projects were the most beneficial to my work because they both taught be how
to use more value.shade better, and show shadows. I really enjoyed these projects because I 
thought they helped me grow more as an artist. Both of these drawings came from looking at these
objects and drawing them how I saw them on the tables. I used oil pastel for the soda can and I used
colored pencils for the lollipop drawing. The soda can drawing was hard because I find oil pastels
really hard to work with and also because I had to create more dimension and make the can look
3-d. I also had to show where the lightest spots on the can are and that was hard too because 
I did not blend very well. I felt that the instruction given for this mini project was good and the 
videos really helped me understand how to use oil pastels correctly and to my best ability. While 
drawing the lollipop it was hard because I had to make it bigger than it actually was and the 
wrapper had lots of creases in it when were also hard to draw. Most of the lollipop was white so I 
struggled showing value but ended up using some gray colored pencils to make certain areas 
look darker, This lollipop had many small details that were hard to draw but I also enjoyed
 drawing it and thought that it turned out well. I thought that the instruction for this project was 
good but it could have been better. I wish that we would have learned how to shaded better with 
color pencil because this paper was a little hard to work with, 

5. My favorite medium to work with was the acrylic paint because it was easy and fun to mix all the 
colors to make a variety of different colors. I enjoyed painting because it was easy to fix a 
mistake that I made and I learned many different techniques. I also liked it because it was easy 
to create value in my painting and make it more realistic. I hope that I get to use acrylic paint
more often in my future art work. I thought that is was fun trying new ideas, like putting salt in 
the acrylic paint. I liked how there was no rush to finish the painting in one period because I 
could just pick up from where I ended the previous day. Acrylic paint is fun and also challenging
at the same time because you have to make sure that you mix the colors correctly in order to 
get the color you want. Overall, my experience with acrylic paint was good and I hope that I use 
it more. 

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