Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scientific Project

Some of the design solutions to the scientific theme that I used were pencil and the shading technique. I used the resources that I printed off and created my own design. I drew four different pictures and each of these pictures contained a phone from a different decade. This project shows the transition of the phone throughout the years. The mini lessons that we did before this project helped me improve in my shadow and pencil work. Since I didn't use pen or charcoal in my artwork I felt like those mini lessons did not help me as much. Although they did not help me that much they did help me with the shading and working on highlighting in my artwork. I showed contrast in my artwork by showing the different phones throughout the years and how they have changed. I always showed contrast with the shading because it gets darker and lighter throughout the picture. I chose pencil as my medium in this work. I chose pencil because it was easier for me to work with during the mini lessons. I also chose it because I felt like I could make it look more real with the shading and highlights and also because I liked the way it looked better than the others. I used the shading technique in this artwork. I shaded it darker where the light was not hitting the object and vice versa in the places it was hitting. The only risk I was taking in this work is that I did four different drawings. At the beginning of this work I had to choose between drawing an eye or drawing the "timeline" of the phone. I chose the phone because there was more variation in the different drawings. Then I decided that I wanted to do four separate drawings and is started with different phone from different times showing the transition. I tried the different pen, pencil, and charcoal techniques on my sketches and decided that the pencil technique was the best for this drawing. Once I finished my final drawing I put them together in chronological order and in a square. I enjoyed this project but I had a hard time showing value because I didn't have the physical object in front of me so I had to create the value myself. 

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